Mission Increase Foundation doesn't just want to simply give money away. We offer training and matching grants to help your ministry grow.

Every year, millions of dollars are given to Christian charities in America. Despite this, most ministries never seem to have enough resources to fulfill their vision. These worthy ministries do not have the skills and tools needed to raise necessary funds. We provide a Transformational Giving model that enables ministries to improve giving, and we train each ministry so they have new, sustainable fundraising and leadership skills to fulfill their vision.

Since 1999 we have demonstrated the ability to leverage community impact through training and granting.

The first key to leveraging impact starts with training. Most Christian ministries don't need more money; they need better skills and resources to help them serve the Kingdom. We provide training to help them learn how to fish (instead of just giving them a fish) so they can grow and thrive and do greater good where they serve.

The second key to leveraging our impact is by coupling the training with strategic seed grants. This combination produces incredible growth. The seed grants are designed not just to be consumed, like grants from "traditional" foundations, but to actually spur new growth in the recipient organization.

Within a few years of receiving strategic grants and training, most organizations have doubled their annual income and many have increased their income by ten times.

The result? Ministries grow in their effectiveness, more people in need are helped, more donors’ faith is increased, and more people are led to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.


Mission Increase Foundation also works to achieve leveraged impact through donor partnerships. We partner with donors so they can bring this same type of granting and training to their community. We provide all of the resources including the training modules, grantee due-diligence processes and more, so local donors can achieve similar results through their giving and bring greater transformation to their communities.