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Our goal is to transform lives for Christ, not only in the ministries that receive training and grants, but for communities you serve, and the donors who partner with you as well. We want to enable you to become a more effective steward, to grow stronger spiritually, and to impact more lives as you serve in God’s kingdom. While our training grants and matching cash grants are available to ministries who apply, we want to help all of God's people maximize opportunity to transform their ministry and their community.

Regardless of whether or not you choose to partner with Mission Increase Foundation, here are some basic tools to help transform your ministry.

Fundraising Dinners

Video Training

Now Available Online and Print-on-Demand!
Dinner events do not need to be difficult to plan and implement. With a small group of volunteers who commit just a few hours of work to plan and recruit other helpers, you can have fun, inspirational and successful dinners. And now it just got easier.

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All MIF Training DVDs are available for FREE to all MIF ministries with coaching or consulting accounts.

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Recommended Reading


There are many great books on fundraising and nonprofit management. Here are some that Mission Increase Foundation has found particularly beneficial to ministries in all stages of development.

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Quickly catch up on our latest webinar! Follow along with the screencasts, view/print all related material, or listen to a podcast of the event.

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Recommended Services

There are a number of great organizations that share our passion for helping Christian ministries grow. Here are several that we believe provide services that meet the needs of many of the ministries we serve. We encourage you to consider them for your ministry and decide if they're right for you.
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Featured Case Study

Icthus International struggled to acquire new donors and had little to no support from major donors. Icthus skeptically came to Mission Increase, unsure if anyone could help them raise needed funds.
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