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Great giving changes the world. Transformational giving changes the hearts of people, from the community who receives the gift, to the donor who makes the gift and builds the Kingdom of God.

Which of these two givers is more effective? Which would you rather be?

John and Mary

John and Mary

John and Mary gave millions of dollars every year to their church and favorite charities. Their gifts were used to help people come to Christ and to overcome destructive lifestyles, and this pleased John and Mary. John and Mary loved giving and they trusted the charities they gave to, but their gifts seldom made lasting change in the ministry or community. Each charity seemed to come back year after year needing more money. These ministries did good work; at least, that's what John and Mary thought.

John and Mary often wondered why these charities did not have good business or reporting systems, but this was charity, and these shortcomings were overlooked. John and Mary did not have the time to follow-up on all their giving, and they were doing the best they could.

Paul and Lisa

Paul and Lisa

Paul and Lisa gave millions of dollars every year to their church and favorite charities. Many people were blessed and lives were transformed. But Paul and Lisa had an additional blessing from their giving. For every dollar Paul and Lisa gave, the recipient matched and raised four more dollars. Paul and Lisa saw their gifts multiply and this helped build each ministry. Their giving made each local charity financially stronger. With this new financial strength these charities were able to serve more clients and be more effective in God's kingdom. These charities also provided good reports and information about their work.

Paul and Lisa felt good knowing that their gifts were being used wisely. Each gift made the recipient stronger, and each recipient had the resources they needed to build God's Kingdom.

What is the difference in these two givers? John and Mary saw good results from their giving, but Paul and Lisa got great results and great returns on their giving, much like the return on a good investment.

We will all stand before God, and He will ask us to account for all He gave us, including how we handled giving. These are His resources, and we want to see each resource given and multiplied.

For more information, please contact us. We can show you how to maximize your giving.

To one he gave five... to another two... and to another one...
The master returned and settled accounts...
You entrusted me with five, I have gained five more...
Well done, good and faithful servant!
Matthew 25

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