Mission Increase Foundation - Ohio Increase Project

Helping Ministries in Central Ohio Grow

Mission Increase Foundation - Ohio Increase Project was launched in July of 2011.

Since its opening in 2011, MIF Ohio Increase Project has served over 410 local ministries, providing 4,522 hours of coaching/consulting, and workshop training for over 1495 unique individuals.

While MIF Ohio Increase Project continues to grow (at an average rate of 42 new ministries per year), we also actively scan local ministries that fit within our training and granting guidelines. In the Ohio Increase Project area alone, there are 1,915 organizations that could potentially benefit from our training.
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What Our Ministries Have to Say "I want to express my gratitude to Mission Increase Foundation for bringing this amazing resource to Columbus. I am certain it is lifting the city over time."
Whitehall, OH
Pregnancy Resources/Unwed Mothers/Women

"Marketing is not something I am good about doing but I see that this needs to be a budget item, that it should not be a secondary. We don't need to be the better than--we need to be working on our best but never at the expense of another ministry. Marketing our cause instead of the organization; marketing for awareness; the movement needs to be grown. Networking with other agencies is a big draw for me."
Good Samaritan Outreach Center
Springfield, OH
Community Development/Disaster Relief

"Thanks to all at MIF for their awesome work and huge investment in this capacity-building ministry. Our city is being sanctified in important new ways. Community is forming. The body of Christ is becoming the body of Christ in important new ways. Praise God."
Search Columbus
Columbus, OH

"The concept of identifying and relaying our core value consistently in all communications! Makes so much sense, and yet, I realize we don't always do that. I also loved the example of Paul & his communication methods.

Pregnancy Resource Clinic of Clark County
Springfield, OH
Pregnancy Resources/Unwed Mothers/Women

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These are ministries that are already involved with Mission Increase Foundation. They are represented by orange, blue, and green icons on the ministry map.

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These are ministries that are not currently involved with Mission Increase Foundation, but have been targeted based on specific criteria (size of ministry, distance from the chapter location, and NTEE Code listings). They are represented by red icons on the map.

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(P43) Family Violence Shelters
(B29) Charter Schools
(J30) Vocational Rehabilitation
(B50) Graduate & Professional Schools
(X80) Religious Media & Communications
(I70) Protection Against Abuse
(J20) Employment Preparation & Procurement
(I43) Inmate Support
(S50) Nonprofit Management
(O20) Youth Centers & Clubs
(L40) Temporary Housing
(I40) Rehabilitation Services for Offenders
(P30) Children & Youth Services
(B20) Elementary & Secondary Schools
(P20) Human Services
(X20) Christianity
(F20) Substance Abuse De...ention & Treatment
(P51) Financial Counseling
(O50) Youth Development Programs
(K30) Food Programs
(K31) Food Banks & Pantries
(K34) Congregate Meals
(K35) Soup Kitchens
(L20) Housing Developmen...tion & Management
(L21) Low-Income & Subsidized Rental Housing
(L22) Senior Citizens Ho...rement Communities
(L24) Independent Housin... with Disabilities
(L25) Housing Rehabilitation
(L41) Homeless Shelters
(O20) Youth Centers & Clubs
(O55) Youth Development - Religious Leadership
(P29) Thrift Shops
(P31) Adoption
(P46) Family Counseling
(P47) Pregnancy Centers
(P85) Homeless Centers
(Q33) International Relief
(R62) Right to Life
(S31) Urban & Community Economic Development
(X01) Alliances & Advocacy
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Icthus International struggled to acquire new donors and had little to no support from major donors. Icthus skeptically came to Mission Increase, unsure if anyone could help them raise needed funds.
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