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imageAre you as diligent about your giving as you are about running your business?

Every year, caring donors give billions of dollars to Christian ministries. More and more families are looking for effective ways to give and are setting up private foundations, or donor advised funds as tools to manage their giving. Many of these people have learned that giving wisely takes time. Being a good steward of God’s resources requires far more than just setting up a foundation. In fact, many people have learned that they did not really need or want the hassles of running a foundation, they just wanted an effective way to give.

Mission Increase Foundation believes there is a better way to give effectively, yet without the effort required to establish your own foundation. We provide the tools, the staff and resources needed so you can give just like a foundation, but you avoid the challenges of creating and running a foundation.

Using our model you can give with confidence and the knowledge that your gifts are having great impact.

How Our Giving Model Works

For those who desire to be good stewards of their resources and want a better way of giving, Mission Increase Foundation makes giving joyful, as God intends. Our desire is to see your giving transform our communities and nation.

We empower donors to give wisely, without all the hassles of creating a foundation; our model makes giving simple. We provide:

  • A simple format to contribute large or small gifts and maintain anonymity, if desired.
  • A foundation umbrella and the protection of a 501(c)3 nonprofit.
  • Local staff to review and analyze each grant request, to provide all due diligence and grant management on your behalf so you can enjoy the good of giving and know your gifts are effective.
  • Training to every grantee so they do not grow dependent; rather, they grow stronger. Your giving builds and multiplies over time.

Our model works for two simple reasons:

We enable you to focus on giving not on managing a foundation.

The giving process is simple and easy yet very powerful and effective, and frees the donor to experience the joys of giving. The donor does not need to worry about reviewing applications, evaluating ministries, or checking up on the grantee after a gift is made. The model has built-in due-diligence reviews and evaluations, all provided to you, the donor, so you can be assured that your giving is having the impact and effectiveness you ultimately desire to see. Transformation happens as each ministry multiplies each gift and learns new skills, enabling them to fulfill their vision.

We enable you to focus on the results of your giving.

Recipient ministries are required to match each grant, dollar-for-dollar and are trained by seasoned Mission Increase Foundation staff. As a result, your gifts are leveraged and multiplied by each recipient, and that makes each recipient stronger and able to do more work in God's kingdom. Ultimately, your giving has greater impact because the recipients are changed by your giving and the training they receive.

Annual Report 2014
Annual Report 2013
GENERATING LEVERAGE, MULTIPLYING IMPACT A case study of Mission Increase Foundation's blended model of charitable investment

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Baylor University and Sagamore Institute's Center on Faith in Communities conducted a detailed examination of Mission Increase Foundation's activities and effectiveness.

The results were subsequently published in December of 2010 by Baylor University's Institute for Studies of Religion and include a significant number of positive key findings regarding the overall effectiveness of Mission Increase Foundation's "Granting + Training = Growth" model, including the stunning fact that 98% of grantees increased their revenue over time.

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