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You can transform local communities by joining with us to open Mission Increase Foundations in major cities across the nation.

It costs about $300,000 a year to operate a foundation that trains and provides grants to local Christian ministries. Every foundation we open in a new area will train over 150 ministries a year and multiply the $300,000 in matched donations from the community.

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Effective Giving

Establish a new Mission Increase Foundation in your area, or where a new foundation is needed.

We are seeking families and individuals who desire to see their giving truly transform their communities, their region, our nation and our world. Our desire is to help you be great givers and to experience the joy of transformational giving.

We make opening and running a foundation simple and effective. We provide all you need to open and run a foundation without the hassles of having to form a 501(c)3. Mission Increase will provide the tools, staff and foundation infrastructure, and manage the new foundation so that local ministries can grow through training and cash grants.

Partner with others to open new foundations across the nation or to fund existing foundations already providing grants and training.

Perhaps you cannot fund a foundation alone, but your gifts, when pooled together with others', can be just as influential and effective. This is a powerful way to leverage your giving to make incredible impact on ministries while receiving the full services of a foundation without the requirements of being the sole founder.

Please contact us and we can show you how you can multiply your giving and transform hearts for eternity.

“His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many. Come and share in your master’s happiness!” - Mt. 25:23