Why Mission Increase Foundation?

We have heard, many times, “I don’t want to just give more; I want to make a difference today in a way that makes the causes and organizations I support stronger and more effective for God’s Kingdom.”

Transformational Giving impacts our communities and our world today, and lasts forever by investing in God’s kingdom. Mission Increase Foundation is unique in the foundation world in that we exist to serve not only Christian nonprofit organizations, but also the donor community that desires to see their gifts be used more successfully. We come alongside donors to provide useful tools and resources to help them become better stewards and to experience the job of effective giving.

This blending of training and stewardship is having incredible impact on those we serve – both the givers and the receivers. We are seeing organizations grow at incredible rates as donors make strategic gifts to provide needed training and targeted grants.

Lasting Impact

   In June of 2014, we had the privilege of gathering ministry leaders, past and present, together in Portland. It was a blessing to see so many ministries come together and celebrate how God has used Mission Increase Foundation to encourage them and help them build their fundraising capacity.

One of those ministry leaders, Bill Russell, the executive director of Portland's Union Gospel Mission, shared about the impact MIF has had on his ministry. Union Gospel Mission was our first grantee back in 1999, but each year we hear countless stories from ministry leaders just like Bill’s. While the growth we are able to track is important, it is the personal stories of countless ministry leaders like Bill that reveals our true impact.

Proven Impact

A case study of Mission Increase Foundation's blended model of charitable investment

Baylor University and Sagamore Institute's Center on Faith in Communities conducted a detailed examination of Mission Increase Foundation's activities and influence. The purpose of the study was threefold: to document the value of MIF's services among its constituents; to examine the effects participation with MIF has had on its clients; and to provide a third-party observation and description of the Foundation's model.

The results were subsequently published by Baylor University's Institute for Studies of Religion in December of 2010 and include a significant number of key positive findings regarding the overall effectiveness of Mission Increase Foundation's "Granting + Training = Growth" model.

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Mission Increase Foundation also works to achieve leveraged impact through donor partnerships. We partner with donors so they can bring this same type of granting and training to their community. We provide all of the resources including the training modules, grantee due-diligence processes and more, so local donors can achieve similar results through their giving and bring greater transformation to their communities.