Winning Champions Through Powerful Storytelling

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Winning Champions Through Powerful Storytelling
Equipping Ministries To Be Heard In a Sea of Voices
Now more than ever, the noise level of people vying for the attention of your current and future donors has reached new peaks of intensity.  And if that wasn’t a big enough challenge, people’s hectic lives often leave little room for taking the time to hear about another giving opportunity.  So it raises some very important questions for nonprofit ministries today. 

  • How do I get through all the noise in people's lives so we can be heard? 
  • What’s the most meaningful way to communicate the impact of our ministry? 
  • And how is what we do connected to a higher calling for all believers today?

Join Jim Endicott of Distinction Communication to learn powerful methods for telling the story of how your organization is participating in the big work God is doing in your community. The webinar's key takeaways include:

  • What makes a good story and when do you use them for the greatest impact.
  • The case of facts vs. personal story in moving people to action.
  • What research has to say about getting through to busy and distracted people.
  • A powerful 7-step message model for shaping ministry messages across all your communication streams.

This one-hour webinar will benefit your entire team!  Calling all executive directors, pastors, board members, development staff, volunteers, and anyone who tells the story of your organization's impact on your community – register today.

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