Unlocking the Mystery: The Major Gifts Meeting

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Unlocking the Mystery: The Major Gifts Meeting
All major gifts strategies lead to the same place – you sitting face-to-face with a donor, asking for a gift.

For most of us, asking our champions for gifts isn’t a natural conversation.  We know even the best major gifts strategy will fall flat if we never sit down and ask.  What’s stopping us?

Often it’s the mystery of the actual donor meeting.  How do I make the appointment?  What do I say when I get there?  How can tell what I should ask for and when?  How many meetings do I have before I ask?

In this Mission Increase webinar, we’ll help unlock that mystery by sharing a straightforward approach to major gift conversations.  Major gifts expert J.Paul Fridenmaker and MIF’s Amy Karjala will use scriptural and personal examples to offer practical lessons for donor meetings and building major gifts relationships.

In this webinar you will learn practical tools and tips to help you:

  • Initiate the giving conversation
  • Listen for indicators of connection to the cause and readiness to give
  • Invite a major gift without fear
Who knows?  You might even find you enjoy asking for major gifts!

This one-hour webinar will benefit your entire team!  Calling all executive directors, pastors, board members, development staff, volunteers, and anyone who interacts with your God-given champions to advance a charitable cause – register today.

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