Market Like a Pro, While Serving Like a Saint

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Market Like a Pro, While Serving Like a Saint
Strategic Tools for Marketing With Any Size Budget
How do you avoid creating another brochure that only ends up in the trash or stashed in the office storage room? Is there a way to determine which marketing tools and activities mobilize people as evangelists for your cause?

Mission Increase Foundation wants to help you build a marketing strategy based on the concept of equipping champions to equip other champions. Every ministry needs more people giving and serving. And every ministry needs tools to help them engage God’s people in the cause.

Join us for a webinar featuring Casey Short, Digital Ministry Consultant at Five Q - an agency that helps ministries and nonprofits multiply their kingdom impact through marketing and communications.

Casey will share how better communication can engage God’s people to expand the kingdom. In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Invest wisely in marketing strategies that mobilize champions of your cause
  • Identify which marketing tools and activities will best equip your champions
  • Maximize your marketing resources - whether your budget is $5k, $25k, or $105k.

Casey will share real-world examples of effective strategies from nonprofit organizations of all sizes. This webinar will benefit your entire team, whether executive directors, marketing and development staff, board members, or volunteers.

Anyone who interacts with your champions to equip them to advance your cause will gain powerful insights. Register today, and don’t miss this opportunity to benefit from the experience and expertise of Casey Short and Five Q!


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