COLLABORATION: Buzzword or Breakthrough?

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COLLABORATION: Buzzword or Breakthrough?

It seems like almost everywhere you go, everyone is talking about “Collaboration.” Owing largely to the promise and expectation of increased efficiency, collaboration is touted by many consultants and management gurus in nearly every sector. It is inevitable that collaboration has become THE standard and spirit by which a nonprofit ministry is to be measured by the outside world.  

What are you, as a ministry leader, to do with this seemingly universal call to collaborate? Does it even matter whether you’re collaborating with other leaders or not? Is there a mandate for this kind of collaboration or is this, like many other ideological notions, merely a passing fad and a fleeting craze?

Building on the ideas presented in our most recent workshop, this webinar will help you as a leader build meaningful and lasting collaborative partnerships with ministries and leaders in your community as well as with your key champions.

This webinar will be a practitioner’s guide to discerning why and when collaboration is called for by focusing on the how to’s: how to convene the right participants, how to build strong collaborative contexts, and how to develop clear goals and objectives that will make your efforts more fruitful. These and many other topics will shape what will be a dynamic conversation.

Whether you’re a believer or skeptic, this webinar can help you decide if collaboration is just another buzzword, or the true breakthrough your ministry needs.

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