A Conversation with Donors

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A Conversation with Donors
Listening to and learning from donors

Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall during a candid conversation between major donors? How would hearing that conversation impact the way you interact with your major givers and future champions?  Now you can listen in as some of our major givers discuss their journey of generosity.

During Mission Increase Foundation’s November webinar you’ll have an opportunity to listen to a conversation with our donors.  We will discuss with them how the Lord has shaped and grown their notion of stewardship and generosity. You’ll hear them share their convictions about giving, ministry and the advancing of the Gospel in their own cities. They will share how their generosity has been shaped by the lessons they’ve learned and challenges they’ve faced in their own giving, ways in which they’ve been stretched by ministry leaders, and how God has used that to grow their faith. Finally, you’ll have an opportunity to hear what God is laying on their hearts today.

We are confident this webinar will be extremely helpful as you consider your own conversations with the donors God has called you to serve.  

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