Transforming Your Donor Database

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Transforming Your Donor Database
From Data File to Champion Scrapbook

Transforming Your Donor Database: From Data File to Champion Scrapbook

What is your ministry’s most valuable asset? Your building? Your expertise? Your website or your marketing materials? You may be surprised to hear that your most valuable asset is your champions—those who commit to owning your shared cause in their sphere of influence

The way you track, store and manage your data should reflect that. Your data is a key tool for helping you develop, nurture and strengthen relationships with your champions.

Can data really transform your ministry, your champions and those you serve? ABSOLUTELY!

In this no-cost webinar, you’ll learn how to turn your database into a champion scrapbook  You’ll leave with:

  • A new philosophy about how your data can transform the way you care for your champions
  • A core data set that provides the information you need to better serve your champions (hint: think PEO steps)
  • Analysis tools to help you gather transformational data
  • Steps to take to use that information to guide your interactions with champions and other owners of your cause

This webinar is for everyone who works with champions — from board members to data managers and from executive directors to volunteers.

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