The Golden Age of Philanthropy is Dead. Now What?

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The Golden Age of Philanthropy is Dead. Now What?
Trends for 2010 and beyond

Bruce Matthews of Campbell and Company, at the Council for Advancement and Support of Education Conference in July, proclaimed that the Golden Age of philanthropy is dead. Jim Collins has called this era a “ferocious time.”

This comes as no surprise to the many nonprofits which have been forced to reduce budgets, trim staff and even cut vital programs.  But the “Golden Age” didn’t just die – it was killed! And it wasn’t the economic downturn that did it.

Mission Increase Foundation sees the demise of this “Golden Age” as a good thing, not because of the economic challenges ahead, but because of the opportunity it presents to reshape and define philanthropy as it should be.

In this webinar, hosted by Dave Farquhar and Eric Foley of Mission Increase Foundation, you will learn why the “Golden Age” was killed and what it means to your ministry today. They will share their insight on significant trends in this New Philanthropy age that will impact you and your donors, including:

  • How this new economy will effect giving to your organization
  • Where New Philanthropy is headed and what it means to your ministry
  • What you can do to set a solid fundraising course for 2010 and beyond

This webinar will be more than just a cursory look at the popular social trends that are emerging in the New Philanthropy. This will be a deep look into the real issues facing your donors as they seek to do God’s will through their giving. The principles presented in this webinar are vital for every ministry to know and understand as they move into 2010 and will impact CEOs, development directors, board members and anyone involved in fundraising.

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