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Develop Your Development Department

Few things are more important for your growing nonprofit than the development of your development department.  

Does this scenario sound familiar?  You need to hire someone to help in donor development, and you’re convinced of how critical this decision will be to the future of your organization, but you’ve heard from friends and colleagues an endless series of nightmares caused by “bad hires”.  You consult the seemingly hundreds of business books written on this topic, but they all seem written for someone else—the larger nonprofit, or the secular business.  You’re paralyzed—convinced of the need to do something, but fearful of making a critical mistake.

Where can you go for practical wisdom to help you know how to proceed?

Join Dave Farquhar and Matt Bates of Mission Increase Foundation in this free one-hour webinar, where they will help you craft a realistic plan for staffing your development department, while helping you avoid the costly mistakes common to many nonprofits.

In this webinar, Dave and Matt will draw on decades of experience working with thousands of Christian ministries across the country to address:

  • The philosophical and spiritual framework needed for hiring development staff
  • The most common mistakes ministries make in development department hiring and how you can avoid them
  • The characteristics, skills and talents of great development staff
  • When you should hire that first development director, how much you should pay them, what you can reasonably expect them to raise and
  • How you know when to add additional staff to your development department
  • The surprising source of potential hires for your development department
  • How to recruit, interview, hire, train, manage, measure and promote development staff

And much, much more!  All in an hour, and all for free!

This webinar is for any and all connected to the fundraising or administrative efforts of your organization, particularly executive directors, hiring managers, board members, and development department staff.

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