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Giving Circles
One of the Most Important Trends in Fundraising You've Never Heard Of

Never heard of a giving circle?

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone, but you may be tempted to skip this one-hour, no-cost webinar.  After all, if you’ve never heard of it, how important can it be, right?

If you don’t know what a giving circle is, you are likely to know soon, because your champions may soon be participating in one, if they aren't already.

So you would be wise to take this opportunity—One hour! No cost! Any and all of your staff, champions and Board can participate from anywhere in the world!-- to structure your ministry to accommodate giving circles, or you risk joining the thousands of nonprofit organizations that are expected to be out of business in the next 15 years.

Most nonprofit leaders will ask of giving circles, what is this new thing and how can we get it working for us?

But this is the wrong question!  And wrong questions lead to disastrous results!

In this no-cost, one-hour webinar, we’ll consider some right questions, such as:

  • What’s a giving circle?
  • How do giving circles work—and how can they work for and against us?
  • Why are giving circles growing exponentially at the same time nonprofits are shrinking?
  • How are church models of giving, in their collection and redistribution of tithes and offerings, similar to giving circles?
  • How can we accommodate—even encourage—the growth of giving circles now, while this trend is still gathering steam?

Learn the answers to these questions as our experts discuss how to reinvent your ministry to accommodate, connect with, and even create your own giving circles.

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