Understanding High-Capacity Givers

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Understanding High-Capacity Givers
What they want and need from the organizations they support

Working with major givers is nerve rattling! Most of us in the nonprofit community find it difficult to foster a natural conversation with high-capacity givers. There is the tension of wanting to represent our organizations well and recognizing our ongoing need for funds. What are these givers looking for when it comes to funding an organization? Is something expected in return?  What if their expectations are not right for the organization? 

In this Mission Increase Foundation webinar, Philanthropist and Author, Steve Perry and Mission Increase Area Director Stephen Komanapalli (Orange County, CA) will explore these questions and shed light on the expectations and desires of high-capacity givers.   

By the end of this conversation, you will have further insight on:

  • Building confidence and loyalty in all your champions.
  • Understanding what many givers are looking for.
  • Knowing the next step to personally connect with your givers.

Steve Perry will share based on his personal experiences as chronicled in his new book, titled Living With Wealth Without Losing Your Soul.This FREE webinar is a unique opportunity to learn from the personal story of a generous giver. Executive directors, board members, development staff, and any staff or volunteers who may be involved in fund development all will benefit and are welcome to join.

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