Successful SPPs: Give Your Champions SOMETHING to DO!

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Successful SPPs: Give Your Champions SOMETHING to DO!
Using Signature Participation Projects to Equip Champions to Recruit Others to the Cause

Want to get more champions and grow the ones you have?  Give them something to DO!  Experts say we remember 10% of what we read, 80% of what we experience and a whopping 95% of what we teach others.  What would it look like to build a champion engagement strategy around that research? 

It would look a lot like a Signature Participation Project (SPP)! 

Not sure where to start or want to make your SPP better?  Do the barriers of distance, confidentiality concerns or the complexity of your cause seem insurmountable to creating or refining an SPP? In this webinar, a panel of MIF experts will share real-world examples of successful SPPs around the U.S., offering tips and tools for overcoming challenges and building innovative and compelling SPPs. 

You’ll come away with: 

  • Idea starters to help uncover or create the right SPP for your ministry
  • Tips for leveraging your SPP through your champions and other channels
  • Inspiration about what’s possible when your champions have their own cause story to tell

Ministries of all types have crafted and implemented unique SPPs that are growing their movements by giving champions their own story in the cause...a taste of what involvement in the cause will be like. You may be closer than you think!   

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