Online Giving – Moving Beyond Cash

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Online Giving – Moving Beyond Cash
Creating the right noncash giving program for your ministry

iDonate has graciously agreed to extend our webinar time and conduct a special demo of iDonate's services. You will have an opportunity to see how iDonate makes it possible for any nonprofit organization to accept just about any donation that has value. Plan to join us for this extra half-hour demo!

We all know online giving makes it easier for our donors to give.  But what if it is no longer enough to simply have a website that collects credit card information?

What if a donor wants to give you a boat?  What if giving away their stuff is the right next step for them in the cause?  How do you help them experience the joy of giving without becoming a boat/car/used cell phone dealer? Adding noncash giving options online has the potential to multiply your champions’ ability to give to the ministry and see the impact of their gifts.  Sound tricky? It doesn’t have to be! 

In this MIF webinar, Greg Murtha from iDonate will share ways to seamlessly integrate your online cash and noncash giving programs with all your fundraising activities.  You will learn:
  • The value of creating cause-focused online campaigns
  • How to improve the donor’s experience – beyond just giving cash
  • How to seamlessly accept and liquidate noncash gifts
Greg and the folks at iDonate share MIF’s desire to help ministries grow. iDonate was birthed at a National Christian Foundation affiliate in Kansas City and is one of the industry’s most innovative solution providers.  
Whether you’re a pro at accepting online gifts, or just thinking about getting started, you’ll find this webinar full of simple solutions, fresh ideas and new inspiration. Register today.

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