Simple and Experiential Micro-Events

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Simple and Experiential Micro-Events
Grow Your Champion Community

Continually adding new champions to your cause is a critical piece to sustainable growth for any organization. At Mission Increase, we believe a sound acquisition strategy will include events of varying sizes and focuses. 

While large-scale events often are more easily understood, they tend to happen just once a year.  Micro-Events may not be as familiar, but they are crucial to your overall acquisition strategy because they have the capability to happen with regularity. 

At this webinar roundtable discussion of MI Area Directors, you'll learn how to:

  • Brainstorm unique elements that create memorable experiences
  • Rally champions to action items that affect real change 
  • Discover smaller connection points to your cause that new champions can grasp
  • Link your micro-event focus to your current champions’ growth journey in the cause

We will also reserve time for an interactive Q&A with the panelists. 

This webinar will benefit your team and everyone involved in designing events and coaching your champions—register today!

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